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ABOUT US: One Alba Broadcasting Limited – Scotland69am

SCOTLAND69AM – An internet music station success story

Scotland69am broadcasts an eclectic music format for 60 hours every weekend from noon Friday until midnight on Sunday, and streams non-stop music between Midnight Sunday through to midday Friday (All UK Times).

Launched in August 2013, Scotland69am is an award-winning independent internet radio station offering a music-only listening experience to a worldwide audience. This means our programming is free from commercials, news, weather and traffic reports, or any other interruptions.

While our prime audiences are in Northern Europe, North America, Australia and Asia, we have had music-lovers tune in from more than 190 countries, giving us a truly global reach where it is always prime time somewhere in the world for some of our listeners!

Scotland69am’s operational base and main studios are in Edinburgh, with other programme studios in London, New York, Toronto and Sydney that produce an exciting line-up of great music from now and then every weekend.

Scotland69am is accessed through all the major streaming platforms, including vTuner, Reciva, SHOUTcast, Windows Media Player, Tunein Radio and all Apple Core Media platforms, encompassing iTunes, Apply TV  and iRadio.

As a leading-edge provider of music over the internet, Scotland69am strongly believes that internet broadcasting is the future of global radio. We are committed to:

 - Providing the highest quality music programmes appealing to a worldwide audience

-  Continuing to adopt new and improved streaming platforms as they are developed, and

-  Expanding the global reach of Scotland69am to include wider international input through the addition of new satellite
    studios for the station.

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